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Astec tubes are one of the best manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of these Cu-Ni 90/10 Flanges. We manufacture these carbon nickel 90/10 flanges using premium quality of alloy as national and international standards. We have an extensive collection of these Flanges that we offer to our esteem patrons. We also provide custom-made Carbon Nickel 90/10 Flanges as per the requirements of the clients having different shapes, sizes, classes, dimensions, grades, types, etc. We manufacture these products with high-end technology and advanced machinery under the supervision of experts and professionals. These are offered in different specifications having standards ASNI, ASME, BS, etc.

Cu-Ni 90/10 Flanges are made using copper and nickel in which 90 percent copper is present and 10 percent Nickel is present. It also includes some other metals such as manganese and iron which enhance their high corrosion resistance.These 90/10 grade alloys also have excellent strength, malleable, durable functioning, and other welding properties.

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We offer these Cu-Ni 90/10 Flanges in various type such as Copper Nickel 90/10 Anchor flanges, Blank Flanges, Bottled Weld-on Flanges, ANSI 150 Flanges, Plate Flanges, joint Flanges, Reducing Flanges, Socket Weld flanges, Slip-On Flanges, Ring Joint Flanges, Orifice Flanges, Long WN flanges, Screw Flanges, etc.

Cu-Ni 90/10 Flanges are used in many applications due to their excellent properties. Application in which these 90\10 grade alloy Flanges are used such as Chemical Plants, Gas and Water Pipelines, Industrial Machineries, Power Generation, Thermal and So9lar Plants, oil and Gas Exploration, Petrochemicals and Refineries.

We make sure that these Cu-Ni 90/10 Flanges are strictly checked for quality purposes. We have done different quality tests to make sure the quality of these products before we supply to this our esteem patrons. Some of the tests are such as Mechanical test, Micro and Macro test, Chemical Analysis, and other IGC and PMI testing and other tests.

We here provide all the Test Certificates to our clients such as Third Party Inspection Report, 100% Radiography Test Report, Raw Material Certificate, and slandered certificate like EN 10204 3.1. We also provide important documentation needed by the clients such as Packing List, Commercial Invoice,Fumigation certificate, heat treatment charts, etc.

Dimensions Standard : ANSI B 16.5, BS 1560. BS 10, IS 6392, B-2.1 NPT, API, DIN, JIS. MSS SP 44

Standard : ASTM / ASME SB 151 / 160 / 472

Size : ½” NB to 12” NB

Class / Pressure : 150 LBS, 300 LBS, 600 LBS, 900 LBS, 1500 LBS, 2500 LBS , ASA 150#, ASA 300# DIN ND 6,10,16,25,40 Etc

Copper Nickel 90-10 Slip on Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90-10 Slip on Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Weld Neck Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Weld Neck Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Blind Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Blind Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Threaded Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90-10 Threaded Flanges

Copper Nickel 90/10 Socket weld Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90/10 Socket weld Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Lap Joint Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90-10 Lap Joint Flanges

Copper Nickel 90/10 RTJ Flanges

Cupro Nickel 90/10 RTJ Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Long Weld Neck Flanges

Cu-Ni 90/10 Long Weld Neck Flanges

Copper Nickel 90-10 Spectacle Blind Flange

Cu-Ni 90/10 Spectacle Blind Flange

Copper Nickel 90/10 Flanges Equivalent Grades

Copper Nickel 90/10 2.0872 C70600
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General Queries While Buying Cupro Nickel 90/10 Flanges

ASTM B151 Cupro 90/10 Flanges Chemical Composition

Grade Cu Mn Pb Ni Fe Zn
Cu-Ni 90-10 88.6 min 1.0 max .05 max 9-11 max 1.8 max 1 max

ANSI B16.5 Copper Nickel 90/10 Flanges Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Copper Nickel 90-10 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 2260 F 50000 psi 20000 psi 30 %

Types of Copper Nickel 90/10 Flanges

Manufacturing Standards of Copper Nickel 90-10 Flanges Manufacturers in India & Globally

ASME/ANSI B 16.5 Cupro 90/10 Welding Neck Flange, Copper Nickel 90-10 Slip on Flange, Blind Flange, Copper Nickel 90-10 High Hub Blind Flange, Socket Weld Flange, Copper Nickel 90-10 Lap Joint Flange, Threaded Flange, Cupro 90/10 Ring Type Joint Flange
ASME/ANSI B 16.47 Welding Neck Flange, Cupro 90-10 Blind Flange [Series A & B]
ASME/ANSI B 16.36 Copper Nickel 90/10 Welding Neck Flange, Slip on Flange, Threaded Flange
BS 4504 SEC 3.1 Welding Neck Flange, Hubbed Slip on Flange, Cupro 90-10 Hubbed Threaded Flange, Lapped Pipe End Flange, Plate Flange, Copper Nickel 90-10 Loose Plate Flange, Loose Plate With Weld Neck Flange, Blank Flange
BS 4504[PART 1] Welding Neck Flange, Cupro 90/10 Hubbed Slip-On Hubbed Threaded, Cupro Nickel 90/10 Plate Flange, Copper Nickel 90-10 Loose Plate With Weld On Plate Collar, Blank Flange
BS 1560 BOSS Cu-Ni 90-10 Welding Neck Flange, Socket Welding Flange, Cupro 90/10 Slip-On Flange, Blind Flange, Screwed Boss Flange, Lapped Flange
BS10 Welding Neck Flange, CuNi 90-10 Plate Slip-On Flange, Cupro 90-10 Screwed Boss Flange, Slip-On Boss Flange, Blind Flange
DIN FLANGES DIN 2527, 2566, 2573, 2576, 2641,2642, 2655, 2656, 2627, 2628, 2629, 2631, 2632, 2633, 2634, 2635, 2636, 2637,2638, 2673

Copper Nickel 90/10 Flanges Applications

  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • Chemical Equipment
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Pulp & Paper Industry
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Power Generation