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    At Astec Tubes, we are the Number One manufacturer and supplier of Stainless Steel Storage Tanks of the finest quality and durability. Having it for a long time, we offer end-to-end industry and chemical storage services. Using our field expertise and experience, we provide an outstanding product and flexible option to suit different industrial requirements and dimensions in different industries. The tank we manufacture and provide to customers for storing pharmaceutical water is applied widely in the pharmaceutical, food processing, and chemical industries for storing different corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, and solvents under high temperatures.

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    Our Stainless Steel Tanks are manufactured using high-grade, anti-corrosive, anti-abrasion materials and advanced technologies to guarantee extended duration and maintenance. Due to the optimal quality, longer service life, high performance, low maintenance and trouble-free operations, our vertical storage tanks, including the Chemical Storage Tank and OIL Storage Tank, get through the highest demand across different industries for the long-term storage of chemicals.

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    The anti-corrosive and high-quality materials used in the manufacture of SS Storage vessels and cylindrical Storage tanks make them resilient to corrosion and immune to hostile surroundings. However, while a steel structure is very suitable for storing aggressive solvents and fluids without affecting the chemical composition, a leakproof design prevents leakage, spilling evaporation and most eventualities in industries.

    Astec Tubes follows a customer-centric approach and satisfies the needs of all our clients with different requirements. Our SS Tank with Limpet COIL & SS Tank with Jacketed Tank are available in various storage and load capacities and shapes, including top Lid Type, Flat Type, Dish End, Conical end bottom, Flat end bottom, dish end bottom, and others. As a top jacketed tank and limpet tank manufacturer, we relentlessly strive for unparalleled excellence in our product range. As a result, we follow stringent global safety standards as well as regular quality checks to produce a strong and durable product.

    Storage Tank Capacity : 50 L TO 20,000 LITER

    Machinery in Plant : Chemical Reactor , Column , Condenser , Receiver & blender

    Tank Type : Top and Bottom Dish End , Bottom Flat End Top Conical , Vertical mounted ,Horizontal Mounted , Bottom Conical End , Round Shape , square Shape , Rectangular Shape

    Storage Material : Chemicals / Oils / Lubricant / Liquid Syrup / Sugar Syrup / Engine Oil

    Material of Construction : Stainless Steel ,Mild Storage , Sa 516 Gr 60/70 , Special Grade , SS All Grade .

    Orientation : Vertical Orientation , Horizontal Orientation

    Shape : Round , square , Rectangular

    Finishing Type : Matt Type ,Mirror Finishing & Painted

    Insulation : Hot And Cold Insulation (If Required )

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    Applications Of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Food and beverages industry
    • Petro-chemical industry
    • Resins industry
    • Polymers industry
    • Coatings industry
    • Adhesives industry
    • Agricultural industry
    • General chemicals industry
    • Plastics industry
    • Rubber industry
    • Hotel Industries