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    Astec Tubes is a supplier, exporter, stockiest, and manufacturer of Titanium Storage Tanks. Such companies have high-quality raw materials that are fabricated by world-class engineering teams with the latest equipment. Titanium alloy tank with a tank capacity of 750L or custom sizes and available in any colour. This is well designed, considers the precise customer demands, and is aligned to the national & international market standards. These titanium tanks feature a design that is precise and dimensionally accurate, has a longer service life, high storage capacity, less maintenance work, ease of cleaning, and soon.

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    Long-term use, titanium storage tanks have some other advantages such as corrosion resistance, high thermal transfer efficiency, heat conductor, and having. The inventory of this equipment has been designed so that it can be used in vertical and horizontal alignments as per the demands of the customers. These tanks are specialized as per ASME and API code, and they are found in a large number of different industries. The storage tanks would be available in a wider range, including nuclear waste recovery tanks, sulphuric acid tanks, chemical mixing tanks, hazardous liquid tanks, etc.

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    Titanium Storage Tank is widely appreciated for its perfect finishing, lightweight, toughness, no wear and tear, high durability, and many more. This titanium alloy storage can handle variable temperatures and large pressures and is often used in chemical processing plants, furnace components, etc. The Astec Tubes company offers this tank product in different specifications as per the customer's requirement or as per set standard norms at affordable rates.

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    General Queries While Buying Titanium Storage Tank
    • Long-term validity as compared to other materials
    • Cost saving if it is well maintained
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Good heat conductor with Welding properties

    Trade Name UNS Titanium Industry Specifications Chemical Composition Min. Tensile (KSI) Min. Yield (KSI) Hardness Modulus of Elasticity Poisson's Ratio
    Grade 1 UNS R50250 AMS AMS-T-81915, ASTM F67(1), B265(1), B338(1), B348(1), B381(F-1), B861(1), B862(1), B863(1), F467(1), F468(1), F1341, MIL SPEC MIL-T-81556 C: 0.10 max, Fe: 0.20 max, H: 0.015 max, N: 0.03 max, O: 0.18 max, Ti: Remaining 35 25 14.9 103 GPa 0.34-0.40
    Grade 2 UNS R50400 AMS 4902, 4941, 4942, AMS-T-9046, ASTM F67(2), B265(2), B337(2), B338(2), B348(2), B367(C-2), B381(F-2), B861(2), B862(2), B863(2), F467(2), F468(2), F1341, MIL SPEC MIL-T-81556, SAE J467(A40) C: 0.10 max, Fe: 0.30 max, H: 0.015 max, N: 0.03 max, O: 0.25 max, Ti: Remaining 50 40 14.9 103 GPa 0.34-0.10
    Grade 5 UNS R56400 AMS 4905, 4911, 4920, 4928, 4930, 4931, 4932, 4934, 4935, 4954, 4963, 4965, 4967, 4993, AMS-T-9046, AMS-T-81915, AS7460, AS7461, ASTM B265(5), B348(5), B367(C-5), B381(F-5), B861(5), B862(5), B863(5), F1472, AWS A5.16 (ERTi-5), MIL SPEC MIL-T-81556 Al: 5.5-6.75, C: 0.10 max, Fe: 0.40 max, H: 0.015 max, N: 0.05 max, O: 0.20 max, Ti: Remaining, V: 3.5-4.5 130 120 16.4 114 GPa 0.30-0.33
    Grade 7 UNS R52400 ASTM B265(7), B338(7), B348(F-7), B861(7), B862(7), B863(7), F467(7), F468(7) C: 0.10 max, Fe: 0.30 max, H: 0.015 max, N: 0.03 max, O: 0.25 max, Ti: Remaining, Pd: 0.12-0.25 50 40 14.9 103 GPa -
    Grade 9 UNS R56320 AMS 4943, 4944, 4945, AMS-T-9046, ASME SFA5.16(ERTi-9), ASTM B265(9), B338(9), B348(9), B381(9), B861(9), B862(9), B863(9), AWS A5.16(ERTi-9) Al: 2.5-3.5, C: 0.05 max, Fe: 0.25 max, H: 0.013 max, N: 0.02 max, O: 0.12 max, Ti: Remaining, V: 2.0-3.0 90 70 13.1 107 GPa 0.34
    Grade 12 UNS R53400 ASTM B265(12), B338(12), B348(12), B381(F-12), B861(12), B862(12), B863(12) C: 0.08 max, Fe: 0.30 max, H: 0.015 max, Mo: 0.2-0.4, N: 0.03 max, Ni: 0.6-0.9, O: 0.25 max, Ti: Remaining 70 50 14.9 103 GPa -

    Applications Of Titanium Storage Tank

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Food and beverages industry
    • Petro-chemical industry
    • Resins industry
    • Polymers industry
    • Coatings industry
    • Adhesives industry
    • Agricultural industry
    • General chemicals industry
    • Plastics industry
    • Rubber industry
    • Hotel Industries