• Monel Storage Tank Manufacturer

    Astec Tubes is the widely known brand that manufactures and supplies our globally standard Monel Storage Tank. This is the place where various compress gases or chemical liquids are stored. Such tanks are produced of Monel alloy that well withstands the corrosion and oxidation in adverse conditions of the environment. The production plant the storage tanks as per API or ASME code. As a result they are built in both horizontal and vertical design elements.

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    The tanks perform outstanding pressure retention, durability and working strength withstanding in extreme conditions too. The usage of these storage tanks is not limited to the selected industrial applications only. The tanks combine high performance and reproducibility. Thus we have a more stable system which then in turn delivers excellent services.

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    Such storage containers are designed and tested by test supervisors, usually under them. The tests taken are aimed to certify that the product fulfills requirements and working ability. Acoustical surveys is also 3 D measurements, generator testing, LRUT (long range ultrasonic testing), and piling testing. Moreover, testing of turbines, vibration measurement, testing of vessels, PhasedArray UT, TSCAN and much more are taken into account. Each detail of production and testing is regulated by the industrial standards and norms accepted as mandatory for the refinery.

    The storage tanks were basically well-sealed and designed by the professionals. Furthermore, we acquire and use the machines of the highest quality equipped with the most advanced technologies as well as the expert workgroup.

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    General Queries While Buying Monel Storage Tank
    • Long-term validity as compared to other materials
    • Cost saving if it is well maintained
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Good heat conductor with Welding properties
    Ni Fe Cu C Mn S Si
    63.00 min 2.50 max 28 – 34 .30 max 2 max .024 max .50 max
    Ni Fe Cu C Mn S Si
    63.00 min 0.5 – 2 27 – 33 .02 max 1.5 max .010 max .5 max

    Applications Of Monel Storage Tank

    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Chemical industry
    • Food and beverages industry
    • Petro-chemical industry
    • Resins industry
    • Polymers industry
    • Coatings industry
    • Adhesives industry
    • Agricultural industry
    • General chemicals industry
    • Plastics industry
    • Rubber industry
    • Hotel Industries